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Surrendering your GSP

We realize the decision to surrender your dog to rescue is a difficult one; please know we are here to help.  You have made this decision in the best interests of your dog and we strive to make the process as easy as we can for both your dog and you. We will do our best to work quickly to find your dog his new forever home.

GSP Rescue of New England accepts purebred GSPs from Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, Rhode Island, Connecticut and from Albany and the surrendounding area in NY.  Shelter and stray dogs are our highest priority.  

Our approved adoptive families have been phone screened, vet referenced and home visited prior to approval for adoption. You may read more about our adoption protocols on our adoption pageAny dog placed by us is bound by contract to be returned to GSP Rescue NE if the new owner can no longer keep him or her at any time in the future OR if the adopter is not living up to their contractual obligations agreed to at the time of adoption. Once we accept a dog into our program it is in our program for life and will never end up in a shelter or in an inappropriate home.

Throughout the surrender process please keep in mind that we are an all volunteer organization with limited resources.

Requirements for surrender to GSP Rescue

Surrendered dogs must:

  1. Have no history of bites or aggression to humans
  2. Pass a temperament evaluation
  3. Be surrendered with a signed surrender contract giving GSP Rescue NE ownership of the dog

GSP Rescue Surrender Process

  1. Owner fills out surrender form. 
  2. We want to meet your dog. Once we receive the completed surrender form a volunteer will reach out to make an appointment to do so.
  3. We need your dog’s vet records.  While we prefer dogs are up to date with vaccines it is not a requirement to surrender a dog as we realize financial issues are sometimes a reason to surrender. We will ask you to have your vet fax the dog's complete records including vet's notes to us.
  4. We will move your dog into our foster program as long as he/she isn’t aggressive.  We do not leave dogs with surrendering owners while waiting for placement. We have found that the information provided to us by our foster homes is invaluable in helping us place your dog with the right family. We also complete any outstanding vetting while your dog is in foster care.
If you have any questions please email Celeste Long at 
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