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Skipper's family contacted us to help place their two GSP's. We placed Skipper's son, but due to her age, it took a while longer for us to find this sweet girl just the right fit. Eventually, a past adopter from Rhode Island contacted us with interest in specifically adopting a senior GSP as they had recently lost their senior girl to illness. They had adopted her through us when she was already on in years and had thoroughly enjoyed having an older, yet still very active, GSP in their home. This special family took Skipper home and after a brief adjustment period, they began to see her blossom.

They found her name to be fitting as she skipped about their yard checking EVERYTHING out. She is quite the critter watcher and had spent large amounts of time observing the Koi in the family's fish pond! Though Skipper was rehomed separately from her son, she does seem to enjoy the company of the several other rescued dogs in her new home. Rescue is so glad to have found a perfect home for this sweet girl to live out the rest of her golden years. Her placement is a testament to what we feel is the "best kept secret" in rescue - the breed's seniors who still have so much to offer!

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