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Shelby was surrendered to GSP Rescue Ohio when her owner passed away. At that time, she was about eight years old. Ohio Rescue was totally over run at the time they contacted us. They were looking for help in finding homes for some of the dogs they had in foster care that seemed to be lingering. GSP Rescue New England agreed to take Shelby into our foster care program and worked together to arrange transport. Her foster mom-to-be was a past adopter who lived in southeastern Massachusetts. Arrangements were made between Shelby's foster dad in Ohio and her new foster mom. There was a lot to catch up on as Shelby had been in foster care out in Ohio for a year and a half! There was just NO market for a senior dog like Shelby out there, but once she came out east, we had more than a few folks interested in her! They knew how much a senior gal had to offer!

Though her foster mom could have easily kept Miss Shelby for herself, she placed her within two weeks time with a lovely couple in the Boston area. They had been looking for a companion for their older Weimeraner and could not resist Shelby once they met her! Miss Shelby stole many hearts on her transport to the east coast and during her temporary stay in foster care out this way! What a wonderful happy ending for her!

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