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As I sit and watch Ruby enjoy the the new bone we bought for her 1 year anniversary with us, I decided that an update email was long overdue!

Ruby has adapted to her new life really well! She is more than loved in this house. We start everyday with a 6 am walk (Ruby NEVER lets me forget about it!) after work another walk followed by dinner and then much anticipated couch time! As long as she has had a good walk, all she wants is for both her mom and dad to be sitting on the couch with her, and she is content.

We have gone on many adventures this year. several hiking trips, mountain climbing, camping, canoeing, to the beach, and most recently apple picking. Ruby gets so excited when she hears that we are about to go for a car ride; she knows we are going somewhere fun!

When she first came to us, Ruby was skittish and shut down in most situations. it seems that her insecurities disappeared over time, and to look at her now, you would think she was a different dog! Ruby has been a great addition to our family. I can't imagine being without her now. She is constantly making us smile, and keeping us on our toes at the same time.

Thank you so much for bringing this wonderful dog into our lives!

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