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Romeo was surrendered by a loving family that had fallen on hard times. They had begun to work long hours and could no longer give their GSP puppy the exercise and attention he needed and deserved. We found a home for Romeo in southern Massachusetts. There, Romeo lives the good life!! His new mom and dad have two boys that love to play and cuddle with him. We recently got this note from his new dad…

Howdy,It's Shawn, Romeo's dad. We are more than happy with the way Romeo has adapted to our home life. He has been to Maine four times so far, and goes out every weekend for trips deep into the woods. When he's not bouncing around in the back of the Xterra, he is out swimming. He has learned to jump quite far off the dock and can bring back two tennis balls at once. This is the only dog I have ever met that can wear out a house full of guests with a few games of Needless to say Romeo is a hit wherever he goes. I am constantly getting stopped and asked, "What kind of dog is that...?" "What beautiful markings." Romeo enjoys a big back yard and all the tennis balls a dog could ever dream of. He also has taken over permanent ownership of our bed, which is noticeably demonstrated in the way he sleeps across it between my wife and I. Life for Roe couldn't get much better than this. Thanks again! We will be looking forward to many more years of friendships. Shawn, Mary, the boys, and most of all Romeo!

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