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Patty, our 12 year old rescued GSP, arrived in our home as all seniors do, with little fanfare. All she was looking for was a warm and comfortable bed for her old body, two regular meals and an opportunity to lay her head on her new owner's knee for some pats. It wasn't very long before my husband and I discovered that she had much more to give us. Patty has become our constant companion, eager to go for long long walks through the neighborhood or along near by wooded trails without any pulling at all on her leash. She has become our constant companion who just happens to love to play fetch with her ball over and over again. She has become our constant companion who is more than happy to sit quietly in the car or in the house waiting for our return.

It's been four months since Patty strolled into our lives and every day she never ceases to amaze 12 years old, she has so much to offer. Whether it is the way she quietly teaches our 4 year young male rescued GSP some doggie manners. Or the way she now jumps down several steps at once to run around our yard after the butterflies and rabbits or they way she swims gracefully in the ocean.

To anyone who is hesitant about adopting a senior dog, I would tell you to not waste a moment thinking about it. The memories made are truly precious and nothing can compare to the gentle sounds of an older, content GSP as they sigh and settle down for the night at your feet.

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