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"Montana Patsy" of Groton Long Point, CT

Can a gun-shy GSP from the woods of New York, find happiness in a beach community next door to the pizza shop where Julia Roberts launched her film career in the movie, Mystic Pizza? You bet! Thanks to the volunteers at GSP Rescue and in particular, Mia, our "Patsy" is living in her forever home.....and we are loving her. A dainty little lady who points butterflies on the butterfly bush and tiptoes in between my flowers to stalk those fluttering "birds"!

It's hard to imagine that Patsy was considered for euthanasia as she was no longer useful (or profitable) as a hunter.....a sad commentary. Luckily for us, we were approved for adoption and the rest is history. Patsy has that "SWEET" GSP disposition and loves to snuggle right next to you. Her tail wags constantly :) and in the past few months, she has been showing more of her hidden personality. Patsy now knows how to play ball and towel tug. She even sheepishly steals a slipper or two. She is my power-walking companion on our daily 4 mile treks around our neighborhood. When we get back, Patsy is looking for her favorite: blueberry yogurt! We often go to Mia's house for a romp in her spacious back yard with Rascal who is a natural at playing ball. More fun for all!

Patsy is truly a cherished member of our family. She loves the cozy memory-foam bed in front of the gas fireplace at night or watching the action on the bird feeder during the day.....and they say it's a "dog's" life! Thank you to all who made this adoption possible for us!

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