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Murphy was brought to our attention by a national GSPCA member who learned that he was in need of a foster home for fear of being put down. At the time he found himself in a kill shelter in Ohio. National GSP Rescue pulled him from the shelter and boarded him until transport was arranged for him to come out to Massachusetts to enter our foster care program. There were no Rescue options for a GSP in Ohio at that time. Because of a lack of communication with the boarding facility staff, Murphy was extremely ill when he was put on the transport to us. He came to the boarding facility severly underweight and was given dry food there, which he gobbled up the first day, but then did not eat for the remainder of his 10 day stay. By the time he was put on the transport to us, he had to be carried and arrived in Massachusetts and into the arms of his foster mother weighing just 24 pounds. (see photo at left) Through what we can only describe as divine intervention, his specifically assigned foster mother happened to be a very experienced veterinary technician. She began nursing this very young dog (less than a year old) back to life. She named him Murphy, but gave him the nickname of "Moose" since he resembled the animal with his long truck and spindle legs. She began to feed him wet dog food mixed with pedialyte, just ounces at at time. Once he began to gain some strength and could walk around some, she taught him how to climb stairs and how to play and interact with her other dogs. Murphy was dewormed and received the necessary vet care and was neutered once it was medically safe to do so. We were so pleased when we learned, after several months, that Murphy's blood work showed he had no permanent damage to his kidneys or liver from his severe malnutrition!

During the time Murphy was on our website, he gained quite a following, especially since his foster mom created a blog page all about him! He was finally placed into a loving home in the Boston area. His dad takes him to work everyday at his outdoor job where he plays with a coworkers Weimeraner, non-stop! He is an only dog in his forever home and so gets all the attention he could ever want from his new mom and dad. By the time Murphy was re-homed, he weighed over 50 pounds and did not appear to be the same dog!

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