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There was definitely a feeling of excitement as we all stood around waiting for the animal rescue transporter to arrive. After the driver unlocked the rear of the trailer, we watched as a most beautiful, handsome GSP came strolling down the ramp. But what caught our eyes was his rich dark brown coloring and the continuous wagging of his little tail, in sync with his body. Our Moses had arrived!

It is hard to believe that it only took him a few weeks to have us wrapped around his paw! “No dogs on the couch” rule lasted just 2 weeks and as I write this Happy Ending, Moses is stretched out sound asleep in “his” armchair snoring loudly.

Moses, 9.5 yrs old, quickly teamed up with our other 7yr GSP rescue, Henry, so neither rabbit nor squirrel is safe in our yard. One of his biggest loves is the twice-daily walk around the neighborhood. We have yet to met a person or dog that he does not like. And at the end of the day all he wants to do is lie by our feet or rest his head on our lap.

Moses was the recipient of a large fundraising effort by GSP Rescue New England to address some dental and medical concerns. Our family wants to thank all of the volunteers who donated their time and money to Moses’ medical care. The removal of 12 teeth and attention to 3 small masses was worth every penny. He is truly a wonderful dog.

There is no question that a senior dog comes with many great qualities and we urge every prospective adopter to seriously consider opening their home and heart to a senior dog. They will be rewarded in ways beyond their imagination.

~ The Voss Family

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