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Bobby's story is probably the epitome of why we do Rescue work. He is also a great representation of how wonderful it can be to rescue an older dog and give them the life they deserve for the rest of their years. Updated January 2007, here is his story:

Rescue was contacted by a small, remote shelter in Maine in April of 2005. They had a GSP named Bobby who was then 9 years old. He had been boarded there while his owners went away, presumably on vacation. They then failed to pick him up after boarding, claiming they could no longer keep him. He was subsequently surrendered to the Shelter's care. This was back in 2003.

Since the shelter is very remote and did not have a large network, Bobby remained there for TWO YEARS. While his basic needs were met, kennel life was stressful for him. His health deteriorated and his spirit was broken. Finally the shelter contacted Rescue and I (Audrey, the MA volunteer coordinator for GSP Rescue New England), drove up to Maine and took him home in July of 2005. He was a mess physically and was also found to have a heart murmur. However, with proper nutrition, exercise, and medication, his health has been restored and his thin coat is full and shiny again.

He now lives with another GSP and a rescued Weimaraner and he is loved very much. His spirit has been renewed and he enjoys running around at the dog park, snuggling on the couch, and sleeping on a soft bed at night. Although he was found to have a heart condition, he has so much energy; you would never guess he is 10 yrs old! It just goes to show, if you give a dog a chance, they will reward you tenfold!

His personality has definitely come out over the past two years. He has the typical antics of a GSP... sneaky one minute, sweet and cuddly the next. While I can't say that adopting an older dog wasn't scary, I can't imagine my life without him now. No matter how long I have with him, I know my life will always be the better for it. There's something special about senior dogs. Now, Bobby is an ambassador for GSP Rescue. He accompanies me on home visits for potential adopters, as well as making appearances at fundraisers. Sweet Bobby is living the life he was meant to have.

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