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Beans owner fell ill and could no longer keep him. She needed to relocate out of state and could not take him with her. She had Beans for many years and cared for him very much. After she originally took him in, she saw him through urinary cancer for which he underwent successful treatment with chemotherapy, heartworm treatment and an accidental poisoning that landed him in the Intensive Care Unit for weeks. Beans has proven himself to be quite the survivor! Despite all the challenges he had faced in his life, he has retained a wonderful, happy-go-lucky disposition. His owner describes him as a true innocent. She told us it seems that every critter large or small that crosses his path was put there for his enjoyment! He reacts as though it is the first time he has seen any of these wonders!

Rescue searched for months for just the right home for this lad while we cared for him in foster care. Many folks were not interested in him simply because he was a senior. They had no idea what they were missing! One day his foster mom was contacted by a family that had recently adopted another older GSP from her earlier that year. Their other dog, Cocoa, had just passed away and they were looking for a playmate for their lonely GSP, Bella. Since our foster mom had also fostered Bella, she knew instinctively that Beans and Bella would be a perfect match! And so they were! From the minute they met, Bella was all wags and wiggles about Beans and Beans seemed to love her, too. Since Beans adoption, he has undergone additional surgery for some benign tumors, but once again has a clean bill of health. He and Bella are wonderful companions for each other, as you can see! Their mom and dad think they are both pretty great, too.

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