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Alei was surrendered to the MSPCA in western MA. His owner admitted that he was turning him in because he barked too much and his neighbors were complaining about it. Poor Alei spent his days outside in their yard, lonely for human companionship. Though Rescue was alerted almost immediately, we had no one available who could foster him for quite a while. In the meantime, several of our volunteers visited him at the shelter and took him out on walks. Finally, we found a volunteer in Connecticut that agreed to foster him. This particular volunteer had 20+ years of experience breeding, training and showing GSP’s. We were so happy she could take him in. By this time, Rescue was already screening a single gentleman who was very interested in adopting Alei. After spending a week in his foster home, Alei’s foster mom pronounced that he was THE BEST rescue dog she had ever met! He was beautiful AND smart. He responded to training very, very well and socialized with her many other GSP’s. Soon thereafter, Alei was adopted by that same gentleman who was living in the Boston area and Alei was renamed Al. Now, as you can see from the pictures his new dad has sent us, he is quite happy and well taken care of in his new home.

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