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Anyone thinking of adopting a German Shorthaired Pointer must consider the high energy needs of the breed. They require stimulating exercise on a daily basis and consistent obedience training. Do not expect a dog that just lies around. If their energy needs are not met they can become destructive in the home or exhibit other behavioral problems.

Most GSPs surrendered by their owners to rescue are due to the lack of understanding of the exercise requirements and breed traits of GSPs. In many of those cases the family brought a GSP into their lives without realizing they were unable to meet the needs of an active, high energy, velcro type dog. Consequently, they have sought our help in placing their dog in a new home.

GSPs are a hunting breed with HIGH PREY DRIVES. They can become easily distracted and chase squirrels, birds and other small animals. Thus, GSPs are not particularly reliable off leash and are best in a home with secure fencing. They are generally not good with cats, but in the hands of an experienced (and patient) owner, some GSPs can be taught to respect a cat's boundaries. GSPs also love to be close to their families and do not do well in homes when they are left alone for excessively long periods of time each day.

Many describe the GSP to be "velcro" which can be annoying to some owners but endearing to others. GSPs worship and adore their people. They love nothing more than to be a true member of the family. They like to be near you at all times and may follow you from room to room. Of course, there are some rather independent GSPs that will "do their own thing" but still be very much a part of the family!

Having a GSP has been compared to adding a child to your family unit. If you have children now and do not have time for another child the breed may not be a match for you. In addition, if you are planning a family for the future please consider the implications of adding a GSP to your household now. Will you still have time for the dog when the little ones arrive? This is a common reason for surrender, so we ask that you weigh carefully the implications of future family members.

Ideal placements are with families who can provide the animal with love, attention, training, daily exercise and most importantly those who wish to make the dog a true part of their every day lives.

View a video of the GSP Breed: http://animal.discovery.com/videos/dogs-101-german-shorthaired-pointer.html

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